G-WIR G-WIR, knitted wire meshes can be delivered in various materials and a huge bandwidth of diameters. Through the type of knitting the G-WIR material is elastic. It is an ideal contact material to accomplish electric conductivity between housing and cover. The knitted wire establishes a continuous and complete shielding. This type of gasket is not a weather gasket. The G-WIR material is especially adapted for rarely released connections. Otherwise the resilience of the material would be suffered from being compressed frequently. For contact connectivity, which are frequently opened and closed, we recommend knitted wires with internal elastomer core G-WIR-E.


G-WIR-E G-WIR-E shielding wires join the excellent compression ability of solid, foamed or tubular elastomer wires with the conductivity of knitted mesh. The outcome of this is a very high connectivity. The material is available in a huge range of diameters as well as metal and elastomer combination for different requirements. The elastomer core is surrounded by two layers of mesh normally. Up to seven layers can be delivered to raise the attenuation, but the compression rate of the wire falls related to the amount of layers. Normally two layers achieve enough attenuation in practice. More than four layers should not be chosen. Else the compression rate will be much limited. G-WIR-E with up to four layers metal mesh directly returns to its origin after compression. Therefore it is an excellent EMC seal for doors or housings, which are frequently opened and closed. This type of EMC gasket is not a weather gasket. Gaskets join the brilliant compression abilities of elastomer with the conductivity of knitted mesh. Out of this results a really good connectivity for several application.


G-COMB Knitted metal mesh and elastomer core with knitted mesh are effective and cost-efficient EMC seal solutions, but nonetheless they have essential disadvantages in a few situations: 1) They are no seal against environmental influences. 2) They can not be mounted easily on flat surfaces. These problems are solved with G-COMB. G-COMB is a combination of an elastomer foamed rubber and elastic knitted metal wire sideways. The elastomer strip can be delivered self adhesive to add it to metal surfaces easily to avoid using special, additional adhesives. Usually the elastomer is mounted to the outside to get an air- and environmental finish.


G-TEX G-TEX conductive textile gasket with different profiles, self adhesive or as clip on. Inside core is out of polyurethane foam (bromine free too) UL 94 HB/V-O listed, coated with laminated textile material out of Ni/Cu, Ag/C or monel, 3D-conductive foam, I/O panel- and D-Sub gasket as well as conductive adhesive.


G-TEX-C vertically conductive foam


G-TEX-CF vertically conductive foam


G-WEB G-WEB is a combination out of a knitted aluminium mesh cloth and an elastomer. The filling produces an environmental seal. G-WEB is a cost-effective possibility to seal small parts of surfaces with less than 0,05 mm unevenness. It is used to seal multi pin connectors (D-SUB, HDMI etc.) for example. G-WEB elastomer filled aluminium wire mesh can also be delivered in stripes up to 300 mm width as well as customer specific die cut gasket.


G-SPAN G-SPAN is a material combination out of die cut monel or aluminium for EMC shielding. Additionally G-SPAN can be filled with fluor or solid silicone to obtain an environmental seal. The material is made for applications with an evenness less than 0,1 mm. G-SPAN is a cost-effective possibility for sealing foundings or milled surfaces. G-SPAN can be delivered in stripes up to 300 mm as well as die cut. For most application a filling with solid silicone is recommended. In exceedingly aggressive surrounding, for example if the material is getting contact with oiling, hydraulic fluids, petroleum or aeroplane fuel, it is recommended to choose fluorine silicone as filling material. If there is no need of an ecological seal, G-SPAN can be delivered without silicone filling.


G-PIK G-PIK is a material combination for EMC sealing composed of small monel or aluminium wires vertically vulcanized into solid silicone - a brilliant weather gasket. The embedded wires are lightly crimped and obtain a maximum of elasticity due to this. The wire material density is 140 or 185 wires per square centimetre. In exceedingly aggressive surrounding, for example if the material is getting contact with oiling, hydraulic fluids, petroleum or aeroplane fuel, it is recommended to choose fluorine silicone as filling material. Besides the good HF shielding, G-PIK is a weather-proof sealing. The evenness of the surface should be less than 0,5 mm. G-PIK is available in stripes up to 114 mm width and 900 mm long. On special requests lengths up to 20 m can be produced. For this purpose the available thickness starts at 0,5 mm and up to 12,7 mm. Naturally die cut gasket are possible as well.


G-PIK-S G-PIK-S accords to G-PIK with the difference, that the silicon is foamed.


G-SIL G-SIL is a shielding and sealing material out of silicone elastomer. It is evenly spread with silver- or nickel-plated particles to obtain an electric conductivity. For assembly a conductive adhesive is recommended. With it G-SIL can be connected with each other as well as with metal surfaces. Non conductive adhesive has to be used with care. Additionally it has to be taken care of the continuous conductivity between housing or cover and sealing. Epoxy resin, conductive or not, are generally not qualified for the adherence of silicone elastomer. By request adherence on customer parts can be conducted.


G-FRAM G-FRAM consists out of an aluminium profile border with an edgewise added shielding string as mechanically self carrying and electric and high frequency well shielding sealing for larger opening like doors of shielded rooms. The metal border is used to fasten the part as well as mechanical pressure limitation to avoid compression out of range for the shielding string. G-FRAM is solid, dimensionally stable and eases the mounting where is can be difficult to exactly fix a normal flexible shielding material on a long distance. An additional advantage of G-FRAM is the fact, that it can be easily removed to prevent damage, when rooms or doors have to be demounted. G-FRAM is made out of an aluminium flat profile with an edgewise added knitted full metal mesh with or without elastomer core. A further alternative for this is the differential equipment of the flat profile, where for example one side can be equipped with an electric and the other side with a weather sealing. For this case the gasket can be made out of neoprene or silicone, which will be added on the small side of the profile frame with a suitable adhesive.


G-FLEX G-FLEX is suited for an effective electro static and electro magnetic shielding of cables and cable harnesses. G-FLEX is used like an overlapping bandage around the cable. The shielding tape is knitted as a sock like, round tube of metal mesh and will be compressed afterwards. The result is a double layer band. If the material is overlapping with 50%, the result is a four layer, very effective shielding.


enviromental gasket with molded EMC gasket


conductive copper- and fabricfoil als adhesive tape


condeuctive heat shrink tubes


solderable, conductive gasket for SMD


hollow knitted mesh made out of copper-beryllium


shielded cable tubes

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