G-FING G-FING by Leader Tech. Modern electronic equipment frequently requires an EMC gasket to avoid emission of radiation or to protect against interferences. G-FING contact springs out of copper beryllium or stainless steel use the special material properties to obtain an exceeding performance. With the appearance of EMC problems in the age of military used electronic. They distinguish themselves though two properties: 1) their spring characteristics are superior to all other used gaskets in the industry. 2) G-FING contact springs achieve best EMC shielding effect. G-FING contact springs are developed and manufactured since the beginning of the computer and electronic industry. This experience with EMC shielding makes it possible to provide customer specific wishes. G-FING contact springs are the result out of long-time experience. A good example for this are the new developed Compact-PCI contact spring series.


spiral gasket made out of tinned copper-beryllium with and without elastomere core

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