G-PULS An electromagnetic pulse includes bundled energy for a really short period. The energy level is very high and a big part of this energy is in the lower frequency spectrum. Specification were drafted to protect against this energy, especially with a high attenuation against magnetic fields. Values from 60 dB at a frequency from F = 10 kHz or 80 dB at f = 14 kHz are typical therefore. Housings, cabinets, chambers and honey comb vents out of aluminium offer a high protection against the electric field, this means for energy in the high frequency spectrum. In this range the shielding is achieved by adding a as conductive as possible surface between the protecting area and the striking energy. A big part of the energy will be reflected as well as absorbed. But shielding against a magnetic field requires a material, that has a high magnetic permeability as well as a high electric conductivity. The material mostly uniting these properties is stainless steel. Furthermore stainless steel is a cost-efficient solution. G-PULS EMP air cover made out of evenly spread steel honey combs, bordered by a customer specific frame for mounting with standard dimensions up to 1000 x 500 mm. Larger dimensions have to be discussed with the customer due to cost effectivity. Customer and application related wishes in relation to the size, form of the border and the surface coating are possible.


G-FIL G-FIL shielded air vents offer a high grade of shielding effectiveness against the penetration or emissions of high frequency interferences of all kinds through air vents of otherwise shielded housings. The air flow resistance is very low. A G-FIL air vent consists out of a aluminium honey comb bordered by a frame. Honey comb and frame are made out of a hard aluminium alloy. The frame of the vent is delivered with fixing holes or tapped through holes to fasten the air vent to the housing. The frame normally has a gasket to seal the space between the frame and the housing. The air vents are usually produced by specifications of the customer. Possible forms are round and rectangular. Frames manufactured out of aluminium are usually used for rectangular profiles. Round vents are hold by two round profiles.


G-DUST G-DUST, shielded air vents with additional dust filter offer a high grade of shielding against penetration and emission of high frequency interferences of each king at air openings. They protect against dust additionally being sprayed with thixotropic oil. Thereby the whole dust is bonded and anticipated that it deposits inside the housing. Using dry filters results in a minor protection against dust. A G-DUST vent consists out of three layers of wavy wire mesh, which are enclosed into a double grid of expanded metal. All materials consist out of aluminium. The frame border will be provided with fixing holes or thread inserts to fix the air vent. The frame border has generally a EMC gasket for an effective high frequency shielding between the air vent and the housing. The air vent are typically manufactured and delivered in customer supplied specifications. They can be rectangular or round. For rectangular profiles the frame is usually made out of aluminium standard profiles., round profiles will be hold by two round matching profiles.

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