G-SHIELD G-SHIELD powered by Leader Tech CBS (Curcuit Board Shielding) – Designers, who deal with EMC shielding, require an extreme sealed shielding of the circuit board to avoid EMC/RFI radiation. G-SHIELD are two part, patented by Leader Tech housing. They consist out of a solderable fence and a removable cover. Due to this they offer an excellent protection for sensitive components and are unproblematic for repairing and maintaining. Additionally this system offers a cost effective solution due to the big amount of fences being produced and formed related to the cover later on. Other components like special cutsm, ventilation holes, isolating materials etc. can be supplied as well.


G-SHIELD-S G-SHIELD-S Slot-Lok Gehäuse bieten eine standardisierte und dennoch fl exible Möglichkeit kundenspezifi sche Abschirmgehäuse herzustellen. Charakteristisch für die Slot-Lok Serie ist die Art der Befestigung des Deckels und ein umlaufender Rand welcher parallel zur Platine ausgeführt ist um dem Gehäuse mehr Stabilität zu verleihen. Größe, Form, Pin-Layout, sowie Aussparungen oder Ansaugstege für Bestückungsautomaten werden nach Kundenwunsch gefertigt. Tape and Reel oder Trays als Verpackungvarianten erweitern die Möglichkeiten.


G-CNC G-CNC is produced through latest CNC assembly machines. We are able to produce cases from the prototype to the finished product. Unusual material, galvanic finishes, varnishing or printings are no problem for us. If needed we can support you in the development and design using the latest 3D-CAD software for example. Additionally we offer the possibility to assemble the cover with a board, connectors or labels. High quality and short manufacturing is our efford.

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